Michael S.

Colt AR15, shooting 55grainFMJ, Scope 1-3×30 IR (red litten up cross hair from 1-11 brightness, Red dot scope on top which colors green/red 1-5 powered lighting, left side finger touch by trigger turns on green laser and right side is adjustable high power flashlight. Open sites still visable/useable. Purchased in 1977 and has had 2 boxes of shells (40) shot out of it. Able to hit a gallon jug with colored water in it up to 600 yds so far using the scope or open sites. All scopes, laser and flashlight made tactical military grade by BARSKA. If anyone made a duck call with a picatinny rail on it I’d attach to laser and the hell with shotguns I’d be good to go. Looks very intimidating!!!