Jeffrey W.

My first attempt at building an AR, I decided to go with a Polymer80 lower in FDE.  My first attempt at drilling/milling an 80%’er. Attempting to keep all items at minimum cost, I sourced a Wylde 223 Stainless Steel 7.5” barrel, tipped the barrel with a shorty muzzle brake in Stainless as well.  Standard AR pistol buffer assembly, a donated S&W upper, complemented with a no name 4” foregrip. Placed used Diamondhead pop up front and rear sights on it.  Local Base Exchange had Magpul MOE grips accidentally listed at half price on the shelf, but full price at register.  I argued and won that issue. As the coup de grace, I had the main exposures cerakoted in FDE to match the lower.  22” total inches overall. After completion, paid a visit to a local range and after 50 rounds fired, no FTF/FTE.  Put my right hand straight out with empty palm facing up. Proceeded to bend arm until patting self on back for my successful first build attempt.